Hi. I'm Rick Burchfield...

...a Washington, DC-based creative strategist, digital marketer, and project manager. With a near reverential dedication to the creative process, I am unabashedly introspective and keenly observant of the outside world in equal measure, with a deep appreciation for new media trends and innovative technologies, all of which I attribute to my chronic curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Some of my passions include crafting messages that truly resonate with their intended audience, producing efficient and effective digital marketing campaigns, dazzling stakeholders with expertly designed and content-rich presentations, and delivering products and solutions that exceed expectations.

I am also a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), where I help stakeholders adapt to Agile development methodologies, and develop products using the Scrum framework with user-driven insights and team collaboration.


Recent Work

I've led multiple successful product launch cycles, planned and executed online (paid) marketing campaigns, and delivered design and creative services for both internal and external customer segments. Check out some of my most recent projects!


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Junior League of Atlanta

A glimpse at my life

My bourbon blog

When I'm not leading projects or developing new and awesome products, I manage my blog, Bourbonatic! The blog catalogs an ultimate passion of mine, enjoying fine and rare bourbon whiskies. Check it out >>