Website Redesign + Content Strategy + Digital Marketing

CATSHOT Group is a leadership training, culture transformation, and business development company, led by its founder and president Rob "Ice" Ffield, teaching the tactics and best practices from TOPGUN and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, from Rob's years of experience as a flight instructor and commanding officer / flight leader for both organizations, respectively.

I was tasked with leading the website redesign, from design and development planning and day-to-day deliverables, as well as messaging and content strategy for not only the website, but also promotional marketing collateral and speaking event materials; including pitch decks, blog writing, and book sales creative design.

Most recently, I managed the implementation and activation of the CATSHOT Amazon Marketing Services (AMS), Author Central, and Amazon Advantage accounts as part of the new books sales / media products marketing strategy, leveraging the opportunity to sell on the Amazon marketplace by planning, researching, and implementing ad creative on AMS.


Website Design


Promotional Poster / One-Pager Design


Book Sales Promotion Design