Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaign

MBDA Careers UK is the human resources division, based in the United Kingdom, of MBDA Limited and MBDA Missile Systems, a defense technology company with divisions that span the European continent, as well as subsidiaries in the United States.

With an active role in creative development, I was tasked with planning, budgeting, deploying, and reporting for the campaign utilizing Google's AdWords tools (Google Display Network & Search) developing keyword / search terms, with demographic and geographic targeting parameters.

Leading creative strategy, I developed segmented campaigns, ad groups, and targeted ads utilizing relative client-produced content and crafted ads that resonated with the target audience. Search and Display campaigns were segmented with a qualified measurement plan, tracking objectives and matching metrics with evolving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the campaign over a two (2) year period.

The campaign's first year review revealed that internal hiring objectives were met, leading to a renewed contract, increased budgets, and the introduction of alternative marketing channels (Facebook) to achieve an integrated digital marketing approach.


Reporting Snapshot

GSS_MBDA-LTD-Analytics-Report_Feb-March-2018 copy.jpg
GSS_MBDA-LTD-Analytics-Report_Feb-March-20182 copy.jpg
GSS_MBDA-LTD-Analytics-Report_Feb-March-20183 copy.jpg