In an effort to help #millennials gain personal assistance for selecting and applying for the right healthcare plan for their needs, Gray Street Solutions partnered with YI Advisors to develop the Cognosante Connector mobile application, available for both iOS and Andorid devices.

  • iPhone users can access the app here
  • Android users can access the app here

Our goal for this project was to “reboot” and enhance the Cognosante Connector app for the 2016 Healthcare Open Enrollment Period, running November 1, 2015 — January 31, 2016.

GSS was able to resubmit the app to both Google Play and iTunes stores in 10 days, launching on October 5, 2015. However, functionality and user experience improvements were in order for the new version!

Utilizing the development framework provided by AppMachine, GSS was able to rapidly prototype, configure and deploy the following advanced features for both iOS and Android platforms:

  • Geo-location sensing for easier location-based appointment scheduling
  • “Schedule Now” and “Available Now” button configuration
  • Integrating the GetCovered America API securely into a native iOS / Android (and Windows) devices on a rapid timeline
  • Unlimited push messaging to all users, as well as separate, internal push messaging to YI / Cognosante staff via message categorization

With the relaunch of the Cognosante Connector app, GSS has helped thousands of millennial-aged citizens book appointments to obtain healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act … err #Obamacare!