Website + Content Strategy + Event Flyer Design

The Harves Investment Group (HIG) is a Washington, DC-based global business development firm that specializes in fostering US-China business relationships. I worked with HIG leadership on various projects, including its website design and development, pitch deck designs, strategies for global-scale event sponsorships, as well as commercial real-estate development projects.

Most recently, I was tasked with developing the user experience (UX), front-end design, and content strategy for its multilingual WordPress website. After a 3-month review, the new site achieved a +618% boost in organic traffic and +957% user session duration increase, by comparison.

Update: During the US-Chinese summit in Washington, DC, I was tasked with designing and producing a multilingual company brochure (see below) for a HIG-hosted event .


Concept Design


Final Design


Before & Afters

Event Flyer Design